Imbolc Oopsies

Even though one of the worst social fails of my life happened on Imbolc, it is still one of my favorite Neo-Pagan holidays. Let’s all curl up in the candlelight as I weave my silly tale of social woe.

When I was a baby Wiccan, I found a local coven, (don’t ask me how), and decided perhaps I should celebrate the holiday with them, if they would have me. I called them up. We met in a public place. They dug me. I dug them. They asked me to come to their Imbolc celebration.

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Soul Bites Spellcraft: Painting Magic

img_0133A couple of weeks ago, I grabbed my bestie and went to a painting class at Purple Easel. They teach you how to paint a specific picture in a fun environment. They supply the canvas, paint, brushes, and instruction, and you BYOB (and/or snacks or whatever). My bestie and I each brought a bottle of Arbor Mist and a can of almonds to share. (We’re classy like that.) Over the course of the night, we each finished our own bottle of sugar wine, powered through the almonds, laughed so hard our jaws hurt, and painted a wonderful “Starry Night in L.A.”

Not that I’m so single-minded as to relate everything to witching, but what I learned about myself while painting has bearing on spellcraft.

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Soul Bites Spellcraft: On Being Silent

Yesterday, I cast an important spell. Afterward, I got to thinking about the Witches’ Pyramid. I first encountered the idea a million years ago in one of Silver Ravenwolf’s books. I remembered liking it. I looked it up online and found several different explanations of what the various points mean. The one that intrigued me most was, “to be silent.” That was also the one about which I disagreed with witchy bloggers the most.

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Fire Rooster Says, “Get to Work! Lunar New Year is Upon Us!”

Happy Chinese New Year to one and all!

2017 is the year of the fire rooster. Sounds pretty awesome, right? I know very little about the Chinese zodiac, but here’s what I gathered:

Fire roosters are about punctuality (which makes perfect sense), and a strong sense of responsibility at work (which also makes sense if you consider how serious roosters are about their alarm clock duties. Saturday? Sunday? Too bad. You’re still getting up at dawn!).

It looks like we’re in for a year of focus on our noses to the grindstone, which isn’t a bad thing at all. Hard work now makes health and wealth later. Count on it as surely as you count on a cock’s crow.

What kind of work can you put into your worship/magical practices this year to make you more powerful and devoted in years to come?

I hope you all have a magnificent lunar year. Be well. Be safe. Be happy.


In the second week of February, some friends of mine and I are going to the Hsi Lai Buddhist Temple in Hacienda Heights, CA to celebrate the lunar new year. Look for that post coming up soon.

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Rocky the Raccoon Bringeth Glad Tidings from the Gods

Last night, as I walked from the car to my doorstep, (without my glasses on), I saw a cute furry creature in my path. Being a lover of all furry kind, I reached out to pet it. It looked up at me. It had a black mask and a ringed tail. It raised one of its paws in an, “I don’t know if I should run or attack,” way. I pulled my hand back realizing I was this close to getting it eaten off by a racoon.

He and I looked into each other’s eyes for a moment. It felt like an eternity, but I’m sure it was only a few seconds. We had a mind meld of, “Don’t worry. I got you. We’re not going to hurt each other. It’s all good.”

I turned my head and went into the house. When I came out again to lock the car, the raccoon was gone. I felt a pang of loss and hope that he would find sustenance and a safe place to sleep. Someone pointed out to me later that because he was so fat, (he was a BIG boy), that must mean he has no lack of food. That made me feel better.

I took the encounter as a sign.

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Soul Bites Reviews: Everyday Witch Tarot

img_0139Last Friday I picked up the brand new Everyday Witch Tarot by writer Deborah Blake and illustrator Elisabeth Alba.

I was feeling blue last week. I was feeling really blue. I thought a little retail therapy might help. I browsed around my guilty pleasure Llewellyn books for a while until I stumbled upon Everyday Witch Tarot. What a lucky find.

I am an admirer of the books Deborah Blake has written for Llewellyn, especially The Goddess Is in the Details. It was a great comfort when I went through a spiritual crisis six years ago while I was miserable and living in a godforsaken town. My soft nostalgia for that feeling of comfort and what I remembered of Blake’s witty, honest, and straightforward style was an excellent recommendation for the deck.

I looked at the illustrations next and was sold. Witches everywhere. Classic witches, conflicted witches, silly witches, serious witches, hats, brooms, black cats—all that deliciously fun stuff we try so hard to be too grown up for, but which deeply feeds our souls. Finding that deck hit me particularly because of the rippling series of epiphanies I have had lately regarding my own identity as a spiritual being and my need to embrace play, joy, and lightheartedness in my magical practice.

I had it delivered and the minute deck hit doorstep, I was on it, tearing away the shrink-wrap.

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Three Principles on Religion: Scientology Through the Eyes of a Witch

When I was a kid, I wanted to read Dianetics so badly. Most 80’s kids will remember the commercial: The big animated volcano furiously exploding as the voice-of-god announcer came on and told us to read the book. Man, that was compelling stuff. Who doesn’t want to read a book as exciting as a volcano?

When reminiscing about the commercial with my bestie, she told me she always wanted to read Dianetics as a kid too, but that was the one book her mother ever refused to buy for her. In the wake of Leah Remini’s Scientology and the Aftermath documentary on A&E, we must ask the question: Was that a wise choice?

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