Friday Fun: It’s a Bird. It’s a Plane. It’s a Bruja?

I was doing research for my book yesterday when I came across this YouTube video of a bruja sighting in Mexico. Apparently it has made the rounds on Mexican news broadcasts and authorities have actually classified it as a bruja. How cool, (though maybe not so cool for locals who are really terrified of brujas).

I’m skeptical, of course, but it feels much better to let the imagination run away with itself.

I also found this great blog post in which a woman describes how Mexicans view brujas. She also relays her father’s story of a possible encounter with one. Read it here: Growing Up Mexican

Read. Watch. Enjoy. Tell me what you think.



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Imbolc Oopsies

Even though one of the worst social fails of my life happened on Imbolc, it is still one of my favorite Neo-Pagan holidays. Let’s all curl up in the candlelight as I weave my silly tale of social woe.

When I was a baby Wiccan, I found a local coven, (don’t ask me how), and decided perhaps I should celebrate the holiday with them, if they would have me. I called them up. We met in a public place. They dug me. I dug them. They asked me to come to their Imbolc celebration.

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Fire Rooster Says, “Get to Work! Lunar New Year is Upon Us!”

Happy Chinese New Year to one and all!

2017 is the year of the fire rooster. Sounds pretty awesome, right? I know very little about the Chinese zodiac, but here’s what I gathered:

Fire roosters are about punctuality (which makes perfect sense), and a strong sense of responsibility at work (which also makes sense if you consider how serious roosters are about their alarm clock duties. Saturday? Sunday? Too bad. You’re still getting up at dawn!).

It looks like we’re in for a year of focus on our noses to the grindstone, which isn’t a bad thing at all. Hard work now makes health and wealth later. Count on it as surely as you count on a cock’s crow.

What kind of work can you put into your worship/magical practices this year to make you more powerful and devoted in years to come?

I hope you all have a magnificent lunar year. Be well. Be safe. Be happy.


In the second week of February, some friends of mine and I are going to the Hsi Lai Buddhist Temple in Hacienda Heights, CA to celebrate the lunar new year. Look for that post coming up soon.

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Come, Come All Ye Sinners

I saw this floating around social media last night and hard to share. I scored a healthy 22. My favorite is definitely, “sin-friendly heresy teacher.” Because that’s what we do here, right? That’s what SBB is all about. My entire career is based upon it.

I’ve seen things like this before, as we all have. What struck me this time though was that people of this ilk always push hell as a threat. I would honestly like to ask one of them: Do they not understand that the threat of hell and damnation doesn’t mean anything to a person who doesn’t believe in it and/or has a different idea about the nature of heaven and hell than they do? Surely that must have occurred to somebody at some point.

It would be akin to me telling them that if they didn’t practice Wicca, the Threefold Law would bite them in their asses. That would sound just as crazy hoo-hoo to them as their concept of hell sounds to others.

From a sheer marketing standpoint, they need to tout a consequence about which non-believers would actually be concerned, like poverty. Maybe that’s where that schmaltzy “prosperity gospel” comes from. “Worship Jesus and you get a pair of Uggs, and you get a pair of Uggs, and you get a pair of Uggs…” I bet Dr. Teeth (Joel Osteen) and his kind have brought far more people into the fold that way, albeit at a depth of about a quarter inch.

How many sins did you get?


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The Meaning of Life… and Some Stuff About Me as a Writer


I read this last night and it blew my mind:

“Write the novel you want to read.” -Toni Morrison

Write the blog you want to read.
Be the author you admire.

Confession time:

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Doggie Qi

VCA Northside Animal Hospital, San Bernardino, CA


The mystical happens—everywhere and to every living creature.

DannyBoy, the best red dog since Clifford, turned twelve last August. Once a righteous jumper, the muscles in his back legs have slowly atrophied to about half their size. He gets around, but on cold, rainy mornings, of which we’ve had plenty lately, moving is hard. He is stiff. He turns down food. He can’t get comfortable.

Last Tuesday, I took him to the VCA Northside Animal Hospital, to see what the doctors there could do for him. I grew up in this area and my family has been taking their animals to Northside since 1983. Many of our animals have been healed there or been sent to rainbow heaven in their loving, capable hands.

We saw Dr. Lee, a resident, newbie, and not my favorite. He recommended a bevy of pain meds, a new diet, supplements, and on and on. When he left the exam room, Curt, one of the techs whom I adore, sat down with me, told me which medicines I actually needed and which ones I didn’t, and also recommended acupuncture. He told me he had it done on his oldest Malamute for arthritis and hip problems, and it worked very well.

I am of the opinion that the less artificial chemicals either I or my pets ingest, the better. The idea of acupuncture gave me hope.

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Oh My Heavens! Full Moon in Cancer

At 3:33am PST, the moon became full in Cancer. The full moon symbolizes something come to fruition—a thing or experience in its fullness. Cancer, the crab, is a sign that has much to do with emotions and nurturing. Cancer can also be a moody and closed-off sign when it feels threatened. In other words, this moon could swing you hard either way. You may feel a fullness in your heart and your eyes may overflow with sweet, happy tears, or you may be a moody beast—and not the fun kind that has howling parties. 

If you feel your cup runneth over, luxuriate in it. Soak up all the peace and pleasure you can. In my favorite poem “Lucky Life,” Gerald Stern wrote, “Lucky life isn’t one long string of horrors and there are moments of peace and pleasure as I lie in between the blows.”

If you’ve gone beastly, try not to bite. Instead, take some time to reflect on what might be threatening you and making you feel you have to shut down and lash out. You will find relief in the knowing and so will those closest to you.


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