Doggie Qi

VCA Northside Animal Hospital, San Bernardino, CA


The mystical happens—everywhere and to every living creature.

DannyBoy, the best red dog since Clifford, turned twelve last August. Once a righteous jumper, the muscles in his back legs have slowly atrophied to about half their size. He gets around, but on cold, rainy mornings, of which we’ve had plenty lately, moving is hard. He is stiff. He turns down food. He can’t get comfortable.

Last Tuesday, I took him to the VCA Northside Animal Hospital, to see what the doctors there could do for him. I grew up in this area and my family has been taking their animals to Northside since 1983. Many of our animals have been healed there or been sent to rainbow heaven in their loving, capable hands.

We saw Dr. Lee, a resident, newbie, and not my favorite. He recommended a bevy of pain meds, a new diet, supplements, and on and on. When he left the exam room, Curt, one of the techs whom I adore, sat down with me, told me which medicines I actually needed and which ones I didn’t, and also recommended acupuncture. He told me he had it done on his oldest Malamute for arthritis and hip problems, and it worked very well.

I am of the opinion that the less artificial chemicals either I or my pets ingest, the better. The idea of acupuncture gave me hope.

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Oh My Heavens! Full Moon in Cancer

At 3:33am PST, the moon became full in Cancer. The full moon symbolizes something come to fruition—a thing or experience in its fullness. Cancer, the crab, is a sign that has much to do with emotions and nurturing. Cancer can also be a moody and closed-off sign when it feels threatened. In other words, this moon could swing you hard either way. You may feel a fullness in your heart and your eyes may overflow with sweet, happy tears, or you may be a moody beast—and not the fun kind that has howling parties. 

If you feel your cup runneth over, luxuriate in it. Soak up all the peace and pleasure you can. In my favorite poem “Lucky Life,” Gerald Stern wrote, “Lucky life isn’t one long string of horrors and there are moments of peace and pleasure as I lie in between the blows.”

If you’ve gone beastly, try not to bite. Instead, take some time to reflect on what might be threatening you and making you feel you have to shut down and lash out. You will find relief in the knowing and so will those closest to you.


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Spiritual Celebs: Janus—To Begin the Year at the Beginning of the Year


To get a good jump on my new series “Spiritual Celebs,” I thought we’d start with Janus, the Roman god of beginnings and endings, entrances and exits. I’m a little late for his feast day, which was January 9th, but apparently the door is still open so I’m going to walk right in, sit right down, and tell you a little bit about how being two-faced can sometimes be divine.

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Things to Try: EFT Tapping—Tap, Tap, Taparoo


2017 has arrived and Sarah’s resolution is to have a spiritual awakening come hell or high water. It is early morning. Still a little woozy from sleep, Sarah stumbles into her living room and plops down into her favorite chair. She yawns then begins tapping the outside of her hand, on the “karate chop point.” She says, “Even though I feel disconnected from my spirit, I deeply and completely accept, love, and forgive myself.” She repeats this three times, then begins tapping the side of her eye as she repeats, “Disconnected from my spirit. Disconnected from my spirit.” She taps the top of her eyebrow next, then under her eye, under her nose, on her chin, between her collarbones, on her side, and finally ends by tapping the top of her head, all the while repeating that phrase. When she is finished she takes a deep breath, checks in with herself, and rates on a scale of zero to ten how disconnected she still feels. She begins the process again until she has reached zero concern. She sighs, relieved, stands up, and starts her day.

Sarah is using a personal development tool called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

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At the Salvation Army, This Parker Needs Jesus

img_1251I went to the Salvation Army store with my bestie on Saturday and noticed this. As you can see, it was 100% intentional. The middle line is dead center to the car. Parking jerks are old news of course, but here we are at a center of Christian charity, and this dude or lady dude has parked in the least Christlike way possible.

I looked at my bestie and said, “I’m not even Christian, but I know Jesus is going to be UP-set.”

Just throwing a little funny your way on a Monday morning. Have a great week everyone. Be considerate. Even if you’re not Christian, try not to upset Jesus with your road habits. It’s rude.


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Epiphany—Flurries of Awesomeness All Around the World

In researching today’s post, I discovered one incontrovertible fact: Epiphany rocks!

January 6th, Epiphany, marks the end of the 12 days of Christmas, (12 days of Christmas is actually a thing. Who knew?). It is a celebration of Jesus’ baptism by John the Baptist and the visitation by the Three Wise Men, which is why it is sometimes called Three Kings Day.

All around the world, Christian communities celebrate Epiphany with great flurries of awesomeness. Here are some of them:

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Bodhi Day—All the Enlightenment in All the World

Today is Bodhi Day. It marks the day when the Buddha attained enlightenment while sitting under the Bodhi tree. Today is a day for meditation, reflection, and spiritual peace. Here are some ways to celebrate:

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