Pulling the Purse Strings Spread

The background is St. Patrick’s Day themed because of the mystical energies associated with shamrocks and stuff. It’s not at all because I took this picture around St. Patrick’s Day. Hey, a little kitchen table tarot never hurt anybody… much.

That moment when you open your wallet and moths fly out in a cloud of dust—yeah… avoid that. How? By getting a Pulling the Purse Strings reading, of course!

By divining how to get from where you are to where you want to be in matters of money, each turn of the cards has the potential to put a little extra jingle in your coin purse—strain your money clip capacity—pack a fatter wad in your wallet. (OK, that last one is kinda gross, but you get the point.)

-snicker- I’m running a business and I just said “wad.”

Request a Pulling the Purse Strings reading today and invest in your financial future in the funnest way possible (not at all frivolous, I swear).

Reading Includes:

  • Picture of the Spread
  • Interpretation of Individual Cards
  • Interpretation of the Reading as a Whole
  • Astrological Influences
  • Numerological Significance
  • BONUS (a little something special in the mail)

Reading is sent via email and/or in PDF or .docx format.

What I Need from You:

  • Your Question (be as general or as specific as you like)
  • Your Choice of Deck (Golden Tarot, Tarot of the Absurd, Prisma Visions, or Everyday Witch)
  • Your Sun Sign (this helps me better understand the astrological influences of your reading as they pertain to you specifically)
  • Any other information you’d like to give me

Price: $40

Followup questions welcome. $5/card.

Sound like the reading for you? Email the pertinent details to SoulBitesTarot@gmail.com and we’ll get the deck dealing.