Love Me/Love Me Not Spread

A little lovey kitchen table tarot never hurt anybody.

Ready for a ready answer to give that nagging relative who inevitably asks, “How’s your love life?” The Love Me/Love Me Not spread IS that answer—an answer with swagger.

Based on the fun yet unnecessarily destructive game of pulling the petals off a poor, defenseless flower in order to find out whether your Love loves you back, this six petaled spread addresses the three key up-and-down areas of any tryst, no matter how true or trying, and, in the end, gives you a definitive go… or NO.

Passion of pffft? This reading’s for you.

Reading Includes:

  • Picture of Spread
  • Interpretation of Individual Cards
  • Interpretation of Reading as a Whole
  • Astrological Influences
  • Numerological Significance
  • BONUS (a little something special in the mail)

Reading is sent via email and/or in PDF or .docx format.

What I Need From You:

  • Your Questions (be as general or as specific as you like)
  • Your Choice of Deck (Golden Tarot, Tarot of the Absurd, Prisma Visions, or Everyday Witch)
  • Your Sun Sign (this helps me better understand the astrological influences of the reading as they pertain to you specifically)
  • Any other information you would like to give me.

Price: $35

Followup questions welcome. $5/card.

Sound like the reading for you? Email the pertinent details to and we’ll get the deck dealing.