Moonly Monthly Forecast

Ripples in the tablecloth. Ripples in the ocean. The moon makes waves. This reading is about the moon… The flaws in this pic are all on purpose, I swear. A little kitchen table tarot never hurt anybody… much.

Not to be rude, but, is it your moon time?

The answer to that question is a) none of your damn business, and b) any time is moon time!

And moon time can be the best time if you request a Moonly Monthly Forecast reading where the cards will reveal what’s in store for the next lunar month, phase by phase. When the moon is new, what’s new with you? When the moon waxes, will you wax on or wax off? When the moon is full, will you be full of it (personally, I’m almost always full of it)? When the moon wanes, will a Willy or a Wayne be knocking on your door for a date? Find out with this simple, yet powerfully predictive spread.

(This spread also gets exceptionally astro-tastic as I will discuss not only the influences of the moon phase, but also the astrological placement of the phase and how that all relates to you, your sign, and the planetary day/planetary hour in which the reading was done. I’m not an astrology nerd at all.)

Reading Includes:

  • Picture of the Reading
  • Interpretations of Individual Cards
  • Interpretation of the Reading as a Whole
  • Astrological Influences
  • Numerological Significance
  • BONUS (a little something special in the mail)

Reading is sent via email and/or in PDF or .docx format.

Sample Moonly Monthly Forecasts here.

What I Need from You:

  • Your Question (be as general or as specific as you like)
  • Your Choice of Deck (Golden Tarot, Tarot of the Absurd, Prisma Visions, or Everyday Witch)
  • Your Sun Sign (this helps me better understand the astrological influences of the reading as they pertain to you specifically)
  • Any other information you would like to give me

Price: $25

Followup questions welcome. $5/card.

Sound like the reading for you? Email the pertinent details to and we’ll get the deck dealing.