Where’s My Tarot? Daily Card: Page of Swords

Whenever the Pages come up, you know you are about to receive an important message. With the Page of Swords, expect that message to carry with it new and exciting ideas—things on which to take swift and determined action. The last time I drew the Page of Swords, for example, I got the idea to start my tarot reading business afresh. I took that swift and determined action and, so far, the effort has been extremely fruitful.

Keep your eyes and soul peeled. If you can spot the Page of Swords in this mess of messages, he will surely have a pointed (see what I did there) message to relay.

This one’s pretty easy, but just in case he eludes you, I’ll point him out to you in tomorrow’s Where’s My Tarot? Daily Card post.

I’d love to hear about the messages you’ve received from this mighty Page. Comment below and share your thoughts.


This is the man you’re looking for.

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