Where’s My Tarot? Queen of Swords

Let’s play Where’s My Tarot? Can you spot the Queen of Swords holding court amongst some of her favorite weapons?

Whether the pen is actually mightier than the sword, the Queen might find debatable, but undoubtedly she wields both fearlessly and ferociously. When she shows up in a reading, chances are there is one such ferociously fearless woman in your life—or you yourself are that woman—and it’s time to cut through the bull, boldly face your problem, strike at its very heart, and aim to kill.

If you can find the Queen of Swords stalking behind her mightier-thans, you are well on your way to vanquishing whatever foes you, once and for all!

M. V.

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As sharp-witted as she is sharply dressed. Here’s the Queen you’re looking for.

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