Where’s My Tarot? The Lovers

Let’s play Where’s My Tarot? Can you find The Lovers in their all-enveloping love nest? (See what I did there? With the “envelope” thing? Nice, right?)

Could be romance, could be bro-mance—could be a fun couple, could be lots of fun coupling. When The Lovers show up, it almost always means a fruitful partnership of some kind, so keep your eyes (and forbidden apples) peeled for a Don or Donna Juan dawning on the horizon. Already have one? Expect a lovely little uptick in the loving soon.

If you can spot The Lovers putting their hearts on this shelf, chances are your own heart is wide open and ready to receive all the love and blessings heralded by this blissful pair.

M. V.

Want to play more Where’s My Tarot? Find more here.

Naked and unashamed. Here’s the pair you want to peep.

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