Moonly Monthly Tarot Forecast: Worm Moon Wild

Who is this reading for? If you are reading this, this reading is for you.


Hurricane to tornado—direct to struggle—have yourself a weary beer on St. Patrick’s Day—be the badass you are.

Ace of Blades
New Moon in Pisces

February 23, 2020
Mercury Retrograde

Pisces is a water sign and the tarot suit of Swords is associated with air. You know what you get when you mix air and water? A hurricane!

During the first week of this lunar month, expect to be beset by a storm of emotionally charged ideas. All of your intellectual processes will be infused with emotional significance. This will not be especially comfortable for you as you are used to ruling with your head, but trust me: an intellect tempered, informed, and driven by heart is the most powerful creative combination there is. The hurricane assails you until you become the hurricane. Feel the storm. Know the storm. Be the storm and all obstacles to the realization of your best ideas will be blown to oblivion.

Eight of Blades
2nd Quarter in Gemini

March 2, 2020
Mercury Retrograde

The problem with that storm of ideas is that, as it swirls around and around, you can get lost, especially as Mercury is still retrograde at this time and the moon is changing phases in Gemini, a mercury ruled sign. As I mentioned before, the Swords are an air suit. Mercury is associated with air and Gemini is also. You’ve gone from a hurricane to an F5 tornado of air energy that has you turned all topsy turvy. It’s going to feel like you’re trapped by all that swirls around you, even if what swirls around you is excellent idea after excellent idea after excellent idea. Too much is just too much! You’ve lost your emotional and intuitive center, and you will fear there is no way out of this chaotic mess. You will feel like letting go of all you gained at the beginning of the month and giving up entirely. Don’t.

Seven of Sticks (reversed)
Full “Worm” Moon in Virgo
March 9, 2020
Mercury Goes Direct

The Seven of Sticks (or “wands” in most decks) is a card all about struggle and fight, and after the previous phase, you can attest to these energies more than anyone. But I told you not to give up, and here’s why: This struggle card is reversed, which means you will soon be feeling relief—an end to the fight, struggle receding into serenity. Mercury goes direct on this day, just a few minutes before midnight, so expect a last spasm of that topsy turvy energy that had you so befuddled over the last week, but then… relief. Relief and reward for your courage at hanging on to yourself and all your best ideas and understandings from the first week—your Ace of Swords time. You defended yourself when you felt indefensible and you have a right to be proud.

Four of Wands (reversed)
4th Quarter in Sagittarius (void of course)
March 16, 2020

Relax. Deep breath. Relax.

Mercury has gone direct and at almost the exact moment the moon enters its 4th quarter, it also goes void of course. Just for a moment, things slow almost to a stop. Now’s your time also to take a pause. Things are settling down. Breathe. Settle. Rest. The month is almost over and you withstood a lot—emotional hurricane, intellectual tornado, Mercury retrograde’s last spasm of struggle. A lot.

The Four of Sticks (or “wands” in most decks) is a card of easy celebration. It’s reversed here, so you will still feel some tension, but it dissipates a little more every day as the moon fades from sight. Now is a time to quietly yet soulfully celebrate your victory over the chaotic energies of the last month, your survival, and your newfound confidence in yourself that you can both survive the storm and come out stronger on the other side, hence…

Outcome: Knight of Blades

You came into this month but an Ace and you came out of it a Knight—and not just any Knight. You came out the Knight of Swords—the fiercest, smartest, most courageous Knight of all. I’m not one of those people who is going to tell you that all hardships are worth it. Sometimes there is no silver lining. In this case, however, there is, and that silver lining is undoubtedly the moonlight glinting off your newly acquired, hard won, and much deserved armor. Wield your blade wisely as you ride fearlessly into the month to come.

Numerological Significance:

This month’s number is 5—the number of human daring. Dare to be greatness realized. Dare to hang on when things get rough. Dare to fight it through to the end. Dare to honor yourself for your valiant efforts. Dare to be the mighty crusader you know in your heart that you are.


Deck: Tarot of the Absurd

Timing of Reading:
Planetary Day:
Planetary Hour: Mars
Moon: New in Pisces
Mercury Retrograde

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