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Oh My Heavens! Full Moon in Cancer

At 3:33am PST, the moon became full in Cancer. The full moon symbolizes something come to fruition—a thing or experience in its fullness. Cancer, the crab, is a sign that has much to do with emotions and nurturing. Cancer can … Continue reading

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Oh My Heavens! New Moon in Capricorn

Today marks the New Moon in Capricorn. The New Moon coming along so close to the New Year must be highly auspicious, or so I like to believe. The sign of Capricorn can be about a lot of fairly unpleasant things … Continue reading

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Libra Art Deco

Isn’t she gorgeous? I found her today looking for a pic to share with a friend on her birthday. I am also a Libra and I adore Art Deco, so she’s a perfect match for me as well. I wish … Continue reading

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My Astrology: A Personal Grass-Roots Effort

  I’ve been asked a lot lately how I learned astrology and what the best steps are for a beginner. It’s a bit shocking. I am certainly no expert astrologer, but I suppose, without realizing it, I have stockpiled and … Continue reading

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Ready, Set, Retrograde

note: With another Mercury retrograde upon us, and me feeling all extra super-duper woo, as is common for me during this time, I got a bee in my bonnet to go look up the first blog post I ever wrote … Continue reading

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Libra Cusp Virgo

A friend of mine wrote the following and I can honestly say it is the best representation of this combination of signs I have ever read: “I love admiring how clean I have made things once I’m done… and then thinking … Continue reading

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On Cancerians

Though I’ve had… complicated… feelings about cancerians in the past, one thing that always holds true is they’ve got a wicked sense of humor and love to play along with things… as long as it doesn’t involve change in any … Continue reading

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