Doing the Daily Calm: Day 1 (Genesis)

In a very low moment a few months ago, my best friend gave me a book of inspirational quotes she snagged from a library sale. She didn’t give it to me to inspire me. She gave it to me so we could happily snark about each and every quote written by people much more spiritually advanced than we are. Snark at your superiors is one of the best things in life.

Before a difficult doctor’s appointment one day, we sat in the parking lot outside the office and made fun of the book for almost an hour. We laughed so hard that both of us were in tears. Somehow that devolved into making Siri pronounce dirty words SLOWLY, which, I admit, was even greater fun than making jokes about the Daily Calm.

As humor is as much a part of my spiritual development as anything, I am now going to post Daily Calm quotes and my, let’s say “unique” take on them. A little levity, a little hubris, a little tongue in the cheek never hurt anyone much.

Today’s quote:

“You cannot travel on the Path before you have become that Path itself.” -Buddha

Which seems like a really fancy way of saying the path to enlightenment involves letting people walk all over you.


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