Doing the Daily Tarot… Viciously: Three of Cups

Famously, Sid Vicious once burst in on Queen during a recording session and blustered, “So you’ve really brought ballet to the masses then?” Freddie Mercury cut him down like a big old tree saying something terribly witty I can’t remember (I read the anecdote 28 years ago, forgive me, it’s amazing I’ve remembered my own name that long…) Point being:

1) Freddie Mercury is a badass and Queen rocks socks, and 2) this Three of Cups is like that. Look at those two: Dancing to the shift and clink of champagne flutes, larger than life.

Dance your dance today. Bring it to the masses. Drink ALL the champagne. Be brave and witty in the face of all the assholes out to stop you. Be so legendary that no one needs to know exactly what you said in order to remember that you were the undoubted ruler of the scene.


Deck: Tarot of the Absurd (One of my absolute favorites)

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