Where’s My Tarot? The Devil

Let’s play Where’s My Tarot? Devil. Devil. Who’s got the Devil?

The Devil isn’t all about death, destruction, and disease. He’s also about devilish delights. Delights so devilish, in fact, that what starts out as mere temptation can turn quickly into addiction.

What, in your life, do you find perniciously irresistible? If you wish to be set free, the key is to find balance between a healthy no when it comes to those indulgences that may harm you, and a heartfelt yes when it comes to indulgences that will lead you to joy. There is a difference between pleasure and toxic pleasure. Choose pleasure. Always choose pleasure.

Can you find our charming devil hidden amongst the tantalizing temptations on this shelf? If you can, you’re at least halfway to reining in your appetites and ordering that bedeviler to begone!

M. V.

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Here’s the culprit! Here’s the man you’re looking for!


  1. that’s really ironic, when I first read this I was on break working at the same candy store that candy is from. I thought the picture was an ad, haha


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