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Epiphany—Flurries of Awesomeness All Around the World

Today is Epiphany. Epiphany rocks. Here are some ways Christians all around the world rock Epiphany in great flurries of awesomeness. Continue reading

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Bodhi Day—All the Enlightenment in All the World

Some things you can do, no matter what faith you are, to celebrate Bodhi Day and open yourself up to enlightenment. Continue reading

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Soul Bites the News: U.S. Religious Geography

The other night I saw this fascinating article on religious geography floating around social media. Among other data, it features a United States map showing which religions are most prominent in which parts of the country. What I find most … Continue reading

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Field Guide to Forbidden Food: The Pomegranate

I imagine that even if God hadn’t forbidden Adam and Eve to eat of the fruit, which we are assuming for the purposes of this post was a pomegranate, they would have gotten about three seconds into an attempt at … Continue reading

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