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Charity Under Duress: A Nonbeliever on Wrong-Believers

Is it right to withhold charity from nonbelievers? Should you proselytize when someone is at their lowest? Continue reading

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“The physical is not the absolute highest expression, nor is the spiritual ‘purer’ than the base. The only difference between the physical and the spiritual is that the former is denser.” -Scott Cunningham, Wicca for the Solitary Practitioner

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Soul Bites Movies: Review of Assassin’s Creed—Free Will and Salvation

Yesterday, I took a break from spiritualizing and writing about spiritualizing to toddle off to my funky hometown theater and see a movie. I picked Assassin’s Creed because, well, it was the best of a bunch of really bad choices. … Continue reading

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Pray for this Blog! The Hollywood Prayer Network and the Benefits of Sin

How boring would our lives be without pet vices and guilty pleasures—without sneaking off to watch re-runs of Friends or rocking out to Air Supply on your way home from work; without eating a whole bag of Oreos or reading … Continue reading

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Gone Churchin’: Christ the King Catholic Church, Oklahoma City, OK

Entering Christ the King Catholic Church in Oklahoma City, Christ on a cross that touched the ceiling. At his bleeding feet, pumpkins, autumn leaves, gourds, pinecones, apples, abundance of the season. I thought of accounts of Athena in her temple … Continue reading

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Field Guide to Forbidden Food: The Pomegranate

I imagine that even if God hadn’t forbidden Adam and Eve to eat of the fruit, which we are assuming for the purposes of this post was a pomegranate, they would have gotten about three seconds into an attempt at … Continue reading

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Blog News: Galloping Mathilda

Keeping the horse before the cart, you would think, would happen naturally. After all, isn’t that where the horse is supposed to be? Isn’t that where her essence wills her to be? When I went to close up shop for … Continue reading

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