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Spiritual Celebs: Janus—To Begin the Year at the Beginning of the Year

In my new series, “Spiritual Celebs,” get to know the Roman god Janus—the positive face of two-faced. Continue reading

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Prayer for the Empire

To the god who loves to roll and nuzzle into mortal filth the way a dog does warm grass in a shit-strewn dog park I offer my sea-less Empire. The zit-faced babies in their wife-beaters who hang at the shop across … Continue reading

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All-Access Mystical Experience

I have what might be a failing in me in that I believe everyone can converse with the gods without intercession of any kind—without any sort of special props or preparation or particular woo. The only block, I believe, is … Continue reading

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Mythical Chronology

A touch of insomnia last night led me to poking around the far, dusty reaches of the Internet. I found this completely fascinating. I have always wondered about the chronology of the Greek myths—the actual years, (or an educated guesstimate), … Continue reading

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God at Rest

“All I mean to imply is that, other things being equal, a heroic figure at rest has a greater transporting power than one which is shown in action.” -Aldous Huxley, Heaven and Hell I think this is less about the … Continue reading

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Not a Singular Psychedelic Heaven

I think of the Eleusinian Mysteries and the ingestion of ergot. Those congregations had religious visions, but they were not of Christ, they were of Kore, without the vision of whom they believed they would not have salvation. Psychedelics then, … Continue reading

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Transcendence and the Intact Self

It is not necessarily selfhood we wish to transcend, but negative self-consciousness—the neuroses, the anxieties, the mundane. One can be transcendent and self at the same time. It is the focus that must be broadened or shifted for release. When … Continue reading

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