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Friday Fun: It’s a Bird. It’s a Plane. It’s a Bruja?

Flying ointment in action… maybe. Continue reading

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The Meaning of Life… and Some Stuff About Me as a Writer

I read this last night and it blew my mind: “Write the novel you want to read.” -Toni Morrison Write the blog you want to read. Be the author you admire. Confession time:

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In the Name of Gods and the Answers

I am a spiritual hypochondriac. Every religion I study, I am, if only for a day or two. Here is the answer, there is the answer. The answer is everywhere and I am but one soul. Pietà. If I had … Continue reading

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Finding Spirituality in the Great American Mess

More and more, I find the most authentic spiritual tradition for me is a good old American mess. Spirituality comes from the body and blood, so I asked myself what spirituality would be most authentic to me? I am of … Continue reading

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Albino Body Parts Traded for Use in Magic in Tanzania and Beyond

Albinos in Tanzania and other areas of Africa live in fear of having their limbs hacked off or being murdered so their body parts may be used by witchdoctors. I have known this for some time. Last night, I read … Continue reading

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Stingy Jack

“The term “Jack-O’-Lantern” comes specifically from the Irish. Before it was identified with the pumpkin the Jack-O’-Lanterns was the mysterious balls of light one may encounter on dark nights near swampy areas. They were believed to be the work of spirits … Continue reading

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You Can Do Eet

Just as in writing, magic takes doing it to get up the energy and inspiration to do it. -M.

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