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God at Rest

“All I mean to imply is that, other things being equal, a heroic figure at rest has a greater transporting power than one which is shown in action.” -Aldous Huxley, Heaven and Hell I think this is less about the … Continue reading

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On a Mystic’s Relationship to the Sciences

“Knowing as he does (or at least as he can know, if he so desires) what are the chemical conditions of transcendental experience, the aspiring mystic should turn for technical help to the specialists— in pharmacology, in biochemistry, in physiology … Continue reading

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Not a Singular Psychedelic Heaven

I think of the Eleusinian Mysteries and the ingestion of ergot. Those congregations had religious visions, but they were not of Christ, they were of Kore, without the vision of whom they believed they would not have salvation. Psychedelics then, … Continue reading

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“Drinking cannot be sacramentalized except in religions which set no store on decorum. The worship of Dionysos or the Celtic god of beer was a loud and disorderly affair. The rites of Christianity are incompatible with even religious drunkenness. This … Continue reading

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On Man-Books and Mind-Boggling

There is something serious going on with/for me right now, but as is so often the case, I have no idea what… yet. A couple of days ago, I read a tweet from some pompous ancient religion/philosophy jackass about divine … Continue reading

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“That which, in the language of religion, is called ‘this world’ is the universe of reduced awareness, expressed, and, as it were, petrified by language. The various ‘other worlds,’ with which human beings erratically make contact are so many elements … Continue reading

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