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The Logistics of Godhood

In this, as in other mythological stories, we must not suppose that the idea is based on a fact, but the idea gave rise to the tale, and thus received, as it were, a concrete body. -Dictionary of Greek and … Continue reading

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Steakhouse Hermes

Go with me on this: Hermes stole Apollon’s cattle, then we steal Hermes’ stolen cattle to eat steak. Since Hermes doesn’t have any cattle except Apollon’s stolen cattle, then we are also guilty of stealing Apollon’s cattle, as Hermes will … Continue reading

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GodMail from Hermes: Suspect Morality

Just because gods are more powerful than humans in many ways, (but not all), do not assume this greater power automatically equates to a higher morality, because I assure you it does not. In fact, by human standards, the morality … Continue reading

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GodMail from Hermes: The Mortal Coil

For some gods, one of the most difficult and distasteful things about taking up a mortal form is that one is continuously in a state of rot. -H.

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For the Love of Gods: Precarious

To be loved by gods who are not bound by love is a helluva thing. No fetters on them, no leashes on you. Freely, you straddle the capricious bubble wearing needle-tipped shoes. -M.

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Questions for the Ages: Dueling Banjos

If Hermes and Apollon were to get into it with each other via Dueling Banjos, who do you suppose would win? (A mythologically trickier question than you might suspect.) -M.

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Infant Skeletons in Athenian Well

Apparently Greeks, at the very end of the Hellenistic period, took citizenship a bit too seriously. Curious why this practice only went on at the terminus of the great society. Perhaps it is one of the signs of its fall. … Continue reading

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