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Mythical Chronology

A touch of insomnia last night led me to poking around the far, dusty reaches of the Internet. I found this completely fascinating. I have always wondered about the chronology of the Greek myths—the actual years, (or an educated guesstimate), … Continue reading

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God at Rest

“All I mean to imply is that, other things being equal, a heroic figure at rest has a greater transporting power than one which is shown in action.” -Aldous Huxley, Heaven and Hell I think this is less about the … Continue reading

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Conversing with Gods: Excreta

Me: Given the myth of Orion, I suppose it’s safe to say gods pee. Hermes: Yes. Gods “excrete”, but we have a much holier way of wiping our asses.

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If Hermes’ lean and glorious body were the vast Mojave desert, Las Vegas would be his golden erection.


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Hymn to Hestia Upon Lighting the Morning Fire

Hail Hestia, Ancient Hearth Mother, Goddess of the Spiritual Flame, Come and dwell here— make of our home your home, make of our hearth your hearth, make of our temple your temple, make of our hearts one heart, your heart, … Continue reading

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All the Glorious Tale of His Own Begetting

This is enchanting in every way. I know the musician in this video meant his performance to evoke scenes of King David, but as a Hellenist, it puts me in mind rather of a young god, golden curls shining, blithely … Continue reading

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A Basic Hellenic Devotional

I cannot praise this post, A BasicHellenic Devotional, more highly. It is the best primer on Hellenic devotionals I have read on any blog, anywhere. The moral of the story: Get out and do it. The gods await. -M.  

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