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Divine Deposits

Every morning I make a small offering to the gods, usually incense or a fragrant candle. When I light the flame, I say, “Hail Hestia, First and Last.” I then raise the flame to the heavens and say, “Beloved Theoi. … Continue reading

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Mythical Chronology

A touch of insomnia last night led me to poking around the far, dusty reaches of the Internet. I found this completely fascinating. I have always wondered about the chronology of the Greek myths—the actual years, (or an educated guesstimate), … Continue reading

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God at Rest

“All I mean to imply is that, other things being equal, a heroic figure at rest has a greater transporting power than one which is shown in action.” -Aldous Huxley, Heaven and Hell I think this is less about the … Continue reading

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GodMail from Hermes: Promises

The promises of a god do not hang on mortal belief. I am not Santa Claus. I am not Tinker Bell. -H.

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GodMail from Hermes: Eternal vs. Immortal

We must remember that “eternal” not only means, “without end”, but also, “without beginning”. All eternal beings, therefore, can be said to be immortal, though not all immortals are eternal. Most of them, in fact, are not. Most immortals have … Continue reading

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GodMail from Hermes: The Mortal Wound

A realized god has no need of you. That a god should express such a need is a conscious choice. This is, in part, what it is for a god to love. It is making an exception. It is the … Continue reading

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Understanding Aphrodite

Aphrodite asks, “Is that a pistol in your pocket, or…” Continue reading

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