What’s this blog all about?

Soul Bites Blog is about exploring any and every spiritual tradition, practice, religion, theology, and/or cosmology I can think of so that I may get the word out that all spiritualities are beautiful and that, ultimately, if they lead a soul to Truth, joy, and fulfillment, they are worthy of reverence and respect. I also hope to enlighten myself at least a little along the way.

Who are you to tell me about religion and spirituality?

I am a professional writer with a degree in sociology who has studied world religions intensively for 17+ years and who has also worked as a “spiritual professional”. In other words, I am no one to tell anyone about spirituality and religion. I have just as much to learn as anyone else does on this subject. In my opinion, no one can ever be a true authority on spirituality. To paraphrase one of my favorite quotes: Just as you become ready to have the knowledge of the eternities bestowed upon you, there is an eternity of knowledge to bestow.

What is your religious background?

I’ve investigated and flirted with just about every religion out there, but here’s the official rundown: I was raised Mormon and stayed in the church until I was 28. I became Wiccan in 2006 and stayed that way on and off until 2009. I was with ADF for a minute, but mostly I just wandered until 2011 when I became a Hellenist. After a couple of years, my Hellenism started to drift. I had a brief re-birth in Wicca. I started studying Catholicism then, which I did for some time and considered converting. Most recently I have acknowledged that I love all religions and have no idea which one is for me, if there is any one for me. Today I practice a sort of all-embracing mysticism, something akin to what Aldous Huxley describes in his monumental books The Doors of Perception and The Perennial Philosophy. I acknowledge the existence of all deities of all cultures and respect the validity of all religions.

How long has Soul Bites Blog been around?

Recently, I did a bit of excavation and discovered, to my great amazement, that I created Soul Bites Blog way back on November 5, 2007. It started out as an iWeb website, moved over to Blogspot, and tumbled around on Tumblr for a while until it found its permanent home here in late 2014.

Who did those godawful paintings I’ve seen attached to your posts recently?

Me. I’m the guilty one. Blame me.

Feel free to send me any questions you may have about me and/or my blog. This FAQ should be an ever-expanding enterprise.