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In the Name of Gods and the Answers

I am a spiritual hypochondriac. Every religion I study, I am, if only for a day or two. Here is the answer, there is the answer. The answer is everywhere and I am but one soul. Pietà. If I had … Continue reading

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Coyote Call

The coyotes were out at three this morning, singing to the glorious Snow Moon, yipping to collect their pack members. It was a beautiful and terrible sound. Funny how, here we are, up to our eyeballs in urbanization, and yet … Continue reading

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On Being Albino in Southern California

Last week, out to lunch with a friend, a pack of neo-valley-girls blustered in and sat down in our section. Not too long after, one of them pointed at me, they whispered to each other, then all laughed loudly. It … Continue reading

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Bowie Birthday Secret Sharing Time

Today is David Bowie’s birthday. In honor of that fact, I’m going to reveal a little something about myself: The movie Labyrinth came out when I was eight years old. I saw it in the theater and was blown away. … Continue reading

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Fever Trip

I was out for a week with one of the worst bouts of the plague I’ve had in a very long time. The fevers and fever hallucinations were the most intense I have ever experienced. For several days, I could … Continue reading

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What’s Small?

This has nothing to do with anything at all spiritual, but just in case anyone was wondering whether or not I really do have the sense of humor of a 12y/o boy… I live in San Bernardino, CA. We just … Continue reading

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I, Mystic

If mysticism is, as one dictionary proclaims, an aim at “union with the Absolute, the Infinite, or God,” then I am a mystic. I do not, however, see this union in some airy-fairy light of emotional woo, but rather I … Continue reading

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