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Conversing with Gods: Are Gods Shaped Like Humans?

One night, I asked my Most Beloved God (MBG), “Are gods shaped like humans?”
He answered, “Are humans shaped like gods?”
Thinking I had outsmarted him, I came back with… Continue reading

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On Being Albino in Southern California

Last week, out to lunch with a friend, a pack of neo-valley-girls blustered in and sat down in our section. Not too long after, one of them pointed at me, they whispered to each other, then all laughed loudly. It … Continue reading

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Albino Body Parts Traded for Use in Magic in Tanzania and Beyond

Albinos in Tanzania and other areas of Africa live in fear of having their limbs hacked off or being murdered so their body parts may be used by witchdoctors. I have known this for some time. Last night, I read … Continue reading

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