Oh My Heavens! Full Moon in Cancer

At 3:33am PST, the moon became full in Cancer. The full moon symbolizes something come to fruition—a thing or experience in its fullness. Cancer, the crab, is a sign that has much to do with emotions and nurturing. Cancer can also be a moody and closed-off sign when it feels threatened. In other words, this moon could swing you hard either way. You may feel a fullness in your heart and your eyes may overflow with sweet, happy tears, or you may be a moody beast—and not the fun kind that has howling parties. 

If you feel your cup runneth over, luxuriate in it. Soak up all the peace and pleasure you can. In my favorite poem “Lucky Life,” Gerald Stern wrote, “Lucky life isn’t one long string of horrors and there are moments of peace and pleasure as I lie in between the blows.”

If you’ve gone beastly, try not to bite. Instead, take some time to reflect on what might be threatening you and making you feel you have to shut down and lash out. You will find relief in the knowing and so will those closest to you.


About M. Ashley

Essayist and poet, my work has been rejected by some of the finest journals in America. Fortunately, it also gets accepted from time to time and has appeared in equally fine journals such as Word Riot, Inlandia, Brew City Magazine, and SageWoman among others.. In 2002, I was awarded the Academy of American Poets Prize for Vanderbilt University. For no good reason, I possess an unnecessarily dark humor which is why being third generation California Inland Empirian delights me so. My gods are weird. I once received $350 for writing a smartassed essay on “why the wise use of water is important in my daily life”. I am undoubtedly the Greek god Hermes’ special snowflake. I’m pretty sure I got into college via a series of fortuitous clerical errors. When I had to grow up and get a real job, I decided against it and stayed a writer. I have worked many odd—and I mean odd—jobs to support my habit: Commercial writer for country music hopefuls, resume massager, WalMart fitting room attendant and switchboard operator, telephone psychic.
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