Things to Try: EFT Tapping—Tap, Tap, Taparoo


2017 has arrived and Sarah’s resolution is to have a spiritual awakening come hell or high water. It is early morning. Still a little woozy from sleep, Sarah stumbles into her living room and plops down into her favorite chair. She yawns then begins tapping the outside of her hand, on the “karate chop point.” She says, “Even though I feel disconnected from my spirit, I deeply and completely accept, love, and forgive myself.” She repeats this three times, then begins tapping the side of her eye as she repeats, “Disconnected from my spirit. Disconnected from my spirit.” She taps the top of her eyebrow next, then under her eye, under her nose, on her chin, between her collarbones, on her side, and finally ends by tapping the top of her head, all the while repeating that phrase. When she is finished she takes a deep breath, checks in with herself, and rates on a scale of zero to ten how disconnected she still feels. She begins the process again until she has reached zero concern. She sighs, relieved, stands up, and starts her day.

Sarah is using a personal development tool called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

EFT was developed by Gary Craig in the 1980’s. According to Brad Yates, a well-known EFT guru, the technique is “a meridian based energy therapy.” In layman’s terms, it is a therapy in which tapping on traditional acupressure points while verbally repeating a statement of concern relieves you of worry. EFT can be used for anything from concerns about money, fear of success, weight loss, and stress, to resolving spiritual concerns such as disconnection, confusion about which religious path to follow, and fear of damnation.

I have used EFT many, many times. I can say honestly that when I did it on the regular, I felt a huge shift in my attitude. Most often I used Brad Yates’ YouTube videos, (which you must check out). He offers tapping sessions on all the topics you can think of and many more. Most often I used his morning tapping video, and, in regard to resolving spiritual concerns, I used his video “Brave Like Bowie.”

In the “Brave Like Bowie” session, you work on having the courage to put yourself out there no matter what detractors may say. You also work on relieving yourself of perfectionism, which is the great destroyer of creative productivity. It is creativity’s Satan, if you will.

How this applies to spirituality is that, if your inner perfectionist Satan won’t shut the hell up, (see what I did there), and stop dampening your courage to get out there into the spiritual world, try new things, think new thoughts, draw new conclusions, and get it all down on paper, in a sketch, etc., you will stay spiritually stagnant. Stagnation brings misery.

I’m not selling EFT pompoms or Team EFT t-shirts, but it is an interesting practice and I highly recommend each and all of you try it at least once. You feel a little silly doing it, but it is worth it.

And don’t forget to tell me all about how you felt afterwards.


50 cool points to anyone who gets the reference in the title.

I just included this ’cause I like the “pp”.

I realize an alternate title for toady’s drawing could be, “If you don’t let me pick my nose, I’ll blow my brains out.”


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